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I played the PSP version a few years back and I really enjoyed it (although I can remember a lot of stuff that happened in game). It was a really otome game. The characters were solid and felt realistic (I know that they based off of real figures in Japanese history so I think they did a decent job of bringing them to life)..

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Mr. Khomyk, born in Lviv, was raised by parents Maria Odrekhivska and Lemko Ukrainian poet Basil Khomyk, who came from the Lemko villages of Wilka and Myscowa, respectively, before their deportation to Soviet Ukraine in the 1940′s. He attended the famous Lviv Children’s Art School, where he later taught, and graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art, as well as the Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts.

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+1. I agree with joining a guild. Many times i done my dailies with some guildmates and it is a lot funner and quicker. INSIDE A DIMLY lit roadhouse in Nowhereseville, Massachusetts, “Sean” has agreed to talk about his time as a member of the Nitrous Mafia, provided his real name isn’t used and the venue isn’t named. Twenty four years old, Sean sips a bottle of lager and speaks in a raspy whisper. His dreadlocked hair spills over his Grateful Dead visor and down his back, and a green bandanna hangs loosely from his neck.

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